Introduction and importance of Moldova

The people of Moldova live between the two beautiful rivers. The names of these two beautiful rivers are Dniester and the Prut. Prut River lies to the west part of the Moldova and Dniester River lies to the east part of the Moldova. Moldova is situated extremely near to the beautiful Black Sea. But in spite of this, this beautiful country is mostly surrounded by the land. The remaining portion consists of the beautiful maintains and amazing hills that look really pretty. The major cities of Moldova are Chişinău, Tiraspol, Transnistria, Bălţi and Tighina. These all cities are very much important for the Moldova. That’s why government is largely focusing on the beauty of these cities. If we talk about the natural beauty then we can say that Moldova is full of natural beauty. There are also many famous places in these big cities of Moldova. The sight of black sea, amazing hills and mountains are really amazing to watch. That’s why many New Zealanders want to visit this beautiful country of Moldova.

Lovely Collection of ART

If you are a lover of art then Moldova is the best place for you. Moldova is a combination of different cultures. You can see the different types of cultures and the beautiful art collection of these people. In Moldova, there are many famous old buildings that represent the amazing art of these people and their elders. People of Moldova give special importance for their religious and national festivals. Especially the festival of Easter is the most amazing and bigger festival in the whole Moldova. They enjoy this festival amazingly and organize many programs. This festival attracts the foreigners also because of its beauty and glory. Along with the local people, many foreigners also participate in this event. Many people from all over the world including New Zealanders who have great interest in art, want to come here to see the amazing art of these people.

Amazing Gate in Chisinau

There is a very famous and ancient gate in the beautiful city of Chisinau. This gate was built in 1846. This amazing holy gate represents the real art and skills of the ancient people of Moldova. There is placed a great huge bell in this amazing gate. The weight of this bell is about 6.4 tons. There is beautiful marble all around the floor in this great gate. This gate has a great importance for the people of Moldova. Many local people and foreigners come here to see this great gate. Life other foreigners, many New Zealanders also want to come here to see this beautiful gate.

Archaeological complex

Archaeological complex is another beautiful and historical place in the great country of Moldova. This complex is very much beautiful and greenly. A large number of cities are located in this amazing complex. There are beautiful mountains and hills all around this great complex. This is really very amazing to watch. Many New Zealanders and other foreigners want to come here to see this beautiful and huge complex.

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